Testimonies from CSU Alumni who are on full time staff at Grace Christian Church


Graham Arends – Class of 2009 – Applied Computing Technology

“My first two years at CSU, I pursued a lifestyle of drinking and drugs. I became depressed and even got arrested for street racing while under the influence of alcohol. Afterward, I met an evangelist from Grace Christian Church on campus and we became close friends. This changed my life forever because it led me to become a Christian. My desire to party and do drugs was gone and my depression faded. When I graduated from CSU in 2009, I went on staff with the church to help reach college students with the hope I had found in Christ.”

Frances Arends – Class of 2012 – Environmental Health

“While attending the University of Colorado Denver, I was invited to visit Grace Christian Church. I loved the worship, Biblical truth, and fellowship so much that I prayed and felt led to transfer to CSU to become a member. The campus evangelist that I met with in a weekly Bible study really helped me grow deeper in my relationship with the Lord and His Word. Over time, I was able to see how God was my perfect loving Father, which I didn’t have growing up. The way church members loved one another made me want to share the truth of God’s love to college students on the campus.”

Nevin Ashley – Class of 2005 – General Mathematics

“I am Nevin Ashley and CSU graduate of 2005. The more I partied at CSU the emptier I felt. Upon being invited to Grace Christian Church my sophomore year, I surrendered my life to Christ. An internal desire and ability grew to do what was right and a joy that I could not hold inside began. I had to tell everyone about what had happened to me. The death of Samantha Spady saddened me, and that the main solution presented by CSU was awareness of the signs of alcohol poisoning. I knew a better solution, so I became a minister.”

Victoria Ashley – Class of 2005 – Business Marketing

“I am Victoria Ashley, a 2005 CSU graduate. I left my three sisters, and Texas to come to CSU. I worked and attended school full-time. The pressures of school, finances, and my past led me to seriously consider suicide. What I did not know at the time was that people I had met from GCC were specifically praying for me the night I was going to kill myself. That night with an evangelist from GCC, I gave my life to Christ and was forever changed. Upon graduation I had no other desire than to reach out to others like me.”

Michael Browning – Class of 2007 – Business Finance

“When I enrolled at CSU, my life was a complete wreck. I searched for fulfillment in academics, athletics, clubs, community service projects, etc. Despite being busy, I still felt empty and was without a purpose or direction. I began to drink excessively, and eventually, turned to drugs to numb the pain. It started with marijuana use, but quickly lead to heavier drugs. By the time I was a sophomore at CSU, I was overwhelmed in my addiction to crack cocaine. I felt completely hopeless.
As a result of the work of Grace Christian Church on the CSU campus, my life has been forever changed! Not only am I free of all addictions, but more importantly, I’m free from the emptiness that caused me to turn to those substances in the first place. I am so thankful that the church reached out and helped me at such a vulnerable time in my life! Now, I hope that I can be used in a similar way to bring hope and direction into other student’s lives at CSU.”

Ashley Browning – Class of 2007 – Political Science/Foreign Language, Literature, and Culture (German)/Liberal Arts

“The ministry of Grace Christian Church has had an important impact on my life. I graduated from CSU with three degrees in 2007. After graduating, I received a GTA position with the University. Despite success, I was depressed, battled an eating disorder and thought of suicide every day. As a grad student I was invited to Grace Christian Church, heard the Gospel of Christ and my life completely changed. I realized that many other students had similar struggles and that I could help them. So, I went into full-time campus ministry to have a positive impact in student’s lives.”

Ian Campbell – Class of 2009 – Liberal Arts (History)

“I knew while attending CSU I was going to need a lot of help to get through my college years unscathed. My brother’s life had been changed through the ministry of Grace Christian Church his freshman year at CSU. The change in his life was so dramatic that I decided to meet with an evangelist. As a result my life was also changed. In May 2009 I graduated from CSU with a degree in Liberal Arts. I heard the Lord to go into full time ministry, met my wife, and am now proudly impacting CSU with the Gospel of Jesus.”

Erica Campbell – Class of 2009 – Business Marketing

“I am a 2009 College of Business Colorado State graduate. My life was profoundly changed through the outreach of Grace Christian Church. The knowledge that Grace Christian Church was located in Fort Collins was the very reason I selected CSU, and it is because of this ministry that I have found incredible joy. I am now employed full-time by Grace Christian Church and work to give students the same opportunities I was afforded. I am confident that my work on the campus is not only valuable but will have eternal effects on students’ lives.”

Doug Collins – Class of 2013 – Health and Exercise Science

“My name is Doug Collins and before I was involved with Grace I lived a life of heavy drinking and looked for fulfillment from the things of the world. I met a campus evangelist in the fall of 2011 and through weekly Bible studies I made the decision to surrender my life to the Lord. Since that day I am a completely different person and my identity lies in the Lord. Because of the grace the Lord has shown me, I want to do nothing else than to tell the students of CSU about what the Lord has done for them. Through prayer, I heard the Lord to become a full-time staff member and to share the Gospel with the students of CSU.”

Whitney Collins – Class of 2012 – Social Work

“When I came to CSU as a freshman I was convinced that I was a Christian. I would preach watered down forms of the Gospel to my friends, but my life mirrored a completely different reality. I was depressed and bitter from circumstances in my life and was more lost than I could have realized. Before long I met an evangelist from Grace and started attending church with her on Sundays. As I spent time with her and the church, I saw how different their lives were and understood that they had something that I didn’t. They genuinely loved the Lord and obeyed Him with everything they had and I wanted a life like theirs. I repented and gave my life to the Lord, and shortly after graduating felt called to minister to the young women on the campus and share the truth of God’s word with them.”

Garret Cowley – Class of 2016 – Civil Engineering

“Throughout my undergraduate studies at the University of Wyoming, I was very influenced by the college scene of drugs, excessive alcohol and worldly relationships. I was becoming more empty and depressed than I had ever been. I then started graduate school at CSU in the fall of 2014. Almost immediately, I met a campus evangelist from Grace Christian Church, and we began to meet in a weekly Bible study. After meeting for a few weeks, I repented and gave my life to Jesus. The Lord then called me to bring the truth of the Gospel to others on the campus of CSU.”

Katelyn Elkins – Class of 2010 – English Literature

“When I came to CSU, I was completely lost. I met an evangelist with Grace Christian Church my freshman year, and it changed me forever. I can honestly say that I have never had a more meaningful conversation than the one we had on campus. I became a Christian through this ministry, and it made my college experience the best one possible. I graduated in 2010, and am now a full-time evangelist with this church. I am so thankful that someone was bold enough to share the Gospel with me at CSU, and am honored to continue that work.”

Fitsum Hailu – Class of 2010 – Biomedical Sciences

“I was stopped by a Grace Christian Church evangelist my fall semester of sophomore year. One week prior, I had been praying that God would send somebody my way to take me to church with them. I started to do Bible studies every week with the evangelist and my relationship with God really grew in the coming months. At the end of my senior year, I prayed about what to do with my future and the Lord spoke to me to be a full-time campus evangelist with Grace Christian Church. I graduated from CSU in May 2010.”

Philip Karlberg – Class of 2012 – Mechanical Engineering

“When I came to CSU as a freshman, I was already a Christian. However, my faith was shaken when I came to college and I had no Christian friends or fellowship my first year. It was not until I met a Grace Christian Church evangelist that I found fellowship to strengthen my faith and build meaningful relationships with others. When I graduated in 2012, I considered how much Grace Christian Church helped me through college and I wanted to help others the same way.”

Ashley Karlberg – Class of 2012 – Mathematics Education

“I grew up going to church and always thought that I had God figured out. When I got to college I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life and always wondered if I would amount to anything. It wasn’t until I started meeting in Bible studies that I learned that God loved me and had good plans in store for me. I had always tried to be a good person and wanted to do something worthwhile with my life but didn’t know what that would be. My life was changed by this ministry and I thank God everyday that I was approached by a staff member on campus. I have a new joy and excitement for my future that I had never had before and the impact that this church has had on me motivated me to go into full-time ministry after college. I feel compelled to share what I’ve learned about God and the Bible with students who are searching for the truth, just like I was.”

Joey Lanza – Class of 2005 – Health and Exercise Science

“As a CSU student, my life was greatly impacted by the ministry of Grace Christian Church. As a freshman I was full of confusion, and had no real hope in life. I met a minister on campus and he began to reach out to me. In the months that followed I made a decision to give my life to God and begin a relationship with Him. This life change led me to decide to go into full-time ministry with Grace Christian Church when I graduated in May of 2005 to help others come to know God as well.”

Katharine Lanza – Class of 2006 – Human Development and Family Studies

“As a CSU student, the ministry of Grace Christian Church affected my life in the best possible way. I was a Christian upon entering CSU—but was lonely and looking for the true meaning of what my life was created for. I found answers to those needs through this ministry, and ultimately the Lord. Through being a part of this ministry, I found purpose, passion, and a home. As I graduated in May of 2006, I wanted nothing more than to bring other people into this same deeply satisfying relationship with Jesus through entering the full-time ministry.”

Andrew Lord – Agricultural Business – Class of 2015

“Upon coming to CSU, I had no desire to seek the Lord and rather pursued a lifestyle of regularly using alcohol and illegal substances to have a good time. An evangelist from Grace Christian Church stopped me on campus and preached the Gospel to me. In our Bible study, my eyes started to open to how my sin was affecting my life and ultimately, how it was affecting God. I surrendered my life to the Lord and a desire to serve the church grew in my heart. I felt a strong call to pursue full-time ministry on the campus to share with others what God would do in their lives.”

Stefan Lowe – Class of 2015 – Biomedical Science

“For most my life I called myself a Christian. My senior year of high school, I came to a place where my doubt turned into rejecting God. Shortly after starting at CSU, I began meeting in weekly Bible studies with an evangelist from Grace Christian Church. I saw my brokenness and hopelessness and just wanted to know the truth. God revealed Himself to me and a few weeks later I surrendered my life to Jesus. Because of the transformation that occurred in my life I desired to reach college students with the hope and joy I had found in Christ. “

Vinny Marone – Class of 2009 – Communications

“When I came to CSU, I was immediately pulled in the direction of the ‘college lifestyle’ and detrimental behavior that my peers participated in. On a sidewalk by Corbett, a campus evangelist with Grace Christian Church asked me to take a survey. While talking, he invited me to church and a Bible study. As I learned the Bible, I witnessed the power of God change my life in amazing ways. Because of this ministry’s impact on my life I felt called to help students when I graduated in 2009, just as my friend had helped me years before.”

JT Metcalf – Class of 2009 – Business Administration / Natural Resource Recreation and Tourism

“As a freshman at CSU, I was lost and hurting. In the midst of my first semester, I met an evangelist from Grace Christian Church on campus, who helped me tremendously throughout my time as a student. The friends I met through church are my best friends, and my greatest CSU memories revolve around time spent with Grace Christian Church. After graduating in December of 2009, I chose to go into full-time ministry with Grace in order to help students in the same way that minister helped me.”

Stacy Metcalf – Class of 2010 – Human Development and Family Studies

“I came to CSU to run away from my past. I had bottled up painful emotions and became the person I thought my family and friends wanted me to be, so I wanted a fresh start. Eventually it all caught up with me. I met a campus evangelist with Grace Christian Church my first week of class. She shared the Gospel with me and over time I realized that God was the only one who could truly give me a fresh start. When I became a Christian, my life was transformed and my heart was healed. I’m thankful for all the help that the church has given me and know that I wouldn’t be where I am now without it. I graduated in May of 2010 and went on staff with Grace Christian Church in May of 2012.”

Stacey Miller – Class of 2006 – Business Accounting

“My friends in class invited me to church my junior year. I came and met a minister who taught me the Bible. Before I studied the Bible I thought I could party, cheat and have bad relationships and still be a Christian because I was a moral college student. Through meeting, I realized my deception and gave my life to Jesus. I was so thankful someone told me the Truth. After, I looked around my sorority and saw many others in the same boat. I graduated one year later and went into full time ministry so I could reach girls like me.”

Kyle Pequette – Class of 2015 – Business Finance and Real Estate

“I came to CSU as a freshman. I believed in Jesus but I did not understand the Gospel message. I lived a lifestyle where I would say I was a Christian but was living a double life and enjoyed my sin. Early on I met an Evangelist with Grace Christian Church outside of Parmelee Hall. I learned what it meant to repent and surrender my life to Jesus and did so that fall. During college and after graduation the Lord showed me I was called into full-time ministry. I now have a strong desire to see students enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Sabrina Pequette – Class of 2020 – Interior Architecture and Design

“I tried living up to the standard of the Bible, but failed. In that failure I felt God rejected me, so I sought acceptance in worldly things that constantly disappointed me. I came to Grace Christian Church my freshman year and the Holy Spirit called me into a relationship with Him during worship. After learning about this decision in Bible studies with an evangelist, I repented and put my trust in Him. The Lord has spoken to my heart to reach others like me who are constantly disappointed in their pursuit to find the everlasting life that can only be found in the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Andrew Preciado – Class of 2009 – Communications

“When I came to Colorado State University in 2005 I was involved in a lot of activities that were detrimental to my life and future. I was consistently binge drinking, getting into fights, and smoking weed. At the beginning of the semester, I met a campus evangelist from Grace Christian Church when I took a survey on campus. After our first Bible study I rededicated my life to God which enabled me to truly change my behavior. The campus evangelist began teaching me the Bible and how to be a man of character and integrity. The positive impact this ministry had on my life was why I chose to go into campus ministry when I graduated from CSU in 2009.”

Meri Preciado – Class of 2011 – Human Development and Family Studies

“I came to CSU in 2007 looking for friends that would help me stay on the right path. I came to Grace Christian Church with a friend who had met a GCC evangelist on campus. There I met many other students my age who were doing well in school and enjoyed participating in legal activities. I also began meeting in Bible studies with a GCC evangelist and she helped guide me on the right path through college. I graduated in 2011 and went on staff with the church because I want to help girls like me that come to CSU.”

Blake Rodenbaugh – Class of 2019 – Economics

“Before coming to college I was confused and broken. I grew up hearing the Gospel, but didn’t know how to live it. A couple months into my freshman year at CSU, I met a campus evangelist with Grace Christian Church. Two days later he showed me a few verses in the Bible and I made the decision to give my life to Jesus and follow Him fully. I saw the incredible impact of this ministry in my life. Shortly after, the Lord called me into full-time ministry to carry the Gospel to students who are where I was, living life separate from God.”

Mike Seely – Class of 2013 – Business Finance

“When I came to CSU I quickly got involved in drinking and partying. With a few close encounters of getting into trouble, I started to see how my life was headed in the wrong direction. As a freshman on campus I met an evangelist from Grace Christian Church. We starting meeting for Bible studies and I realized my life wasn’t right with God. After surrendering my life to the Lord everything changed. I found life in my relationship with God and in the church. The Lord then put a desire on my heart to reach other students on the campus and do full-time ministry.”

Jaimie Seely – Class of 2012 – Nutritional Sciences

“When I came to CSU in 2008, I felt I had everything in life I needed. I called myself a Christian but lived a double-life of partying, drinking, and pursuing worldly relationships. After meeting a group of girls who lived their lives solely to please God, I realized Jesus’ affection for me and surrendered all to Him in March 2009. I struggled to leave my former lifestyle behind until I attended Grace Christian Church and started doing weekly Bible studies with a campus evangelist. I looked forward to the one-on-one Bible studies every week and really looked up to the evangelist that taught them. By the time I graduated, I deeply desired to tell others about the Gospel and went on staff as an evangelist in December 2013.”

Justin Trang – Class of 2008 – Landscape Architecture

“My name is Justin Trang, and I met a campus evangelist from Grace Christian Church at CSU in the fall of 2005. Before I met him I was not concerned with school. I was partying hard, drinking heavily, and my grades were poor. Through Grace Christian Church I became a Christian and my life changed completely. I stopped living a destructive lifestyle, and my grades rose considerably through my final 2 years of college. After I graduated in August of 2008 I went into full-time ministry, where I could help other students change as well.”

Rosey Trang – Class of 2008 – Criminology and Criminal Justice

“My name is Rosey Trang, Spring 2008 CSU graduate. Throughout freshmen year I led a life of drunkenness, falling grades, and insecurity that caused poor relationship choices. I met a campus evangelist with Grace Christian Church in the fall of 2004 and became a Christian through studying the Bible with her. My life changed instantly. Through learning the Bible I became a more diligent student, a faithful employee with multiple jobs, a tutor for younger students, and secure of myself in Christ. I desired greatly to share what happened with other students, and joined the Grace Christian Church staff in May 2008.”

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